Randomize 802.11 Association Request frames (Client MAC, ESSID & BSSID)

Also identifies supported channels and spatial streams


Upload your pcap file. As long as it has at least one 802.11 Association Request frame, it will be found, parsed for useful info, randomized, and offered for download. File must be in pcap or wcap (OSX) format. If conversion necessary (ie from pcap-ng, or OmniPeek .pkt) be sure to set that option below.
If your not sure what RadioTap is, select "RadioTap header NOT present"


Frame needs to be converted to PCAP format (not needed for OSX .wcap)
RadioTap header NOT present in pcap file. (Note: this will disable the FCS check)

Capture File (no whitespace):

More info

When converting formats, tshark is used.
You can do this yourself with: "tshark -r foo.pkt -w foo.pcap -F pcap". This works on OmniPeek & pcap-ng formats.
Another option is pcapng.com
By default, OSX includes a RadioTap header. The script uses this to calculate the FCS. If your capture does not include this, be sure to select "RadioTap header NOT present..." above. OmniPeek does not include RadioTap and, depending on software/hardware you captured with, Linux and Windows may not either. Note: FCS checking will be skipped if no RadioTap header present. This may cause 'Malformed Packets' to be processed. More info here: radiotap.org
Spatial Streams
Identification of Spatial Stream support on the client is pulled from the HT Capabilities Information Element (Rx Modulation and Coding Scheme in Wireshark). At present it identifies 1, 2 or 3 SS devices.
Channels Supported
Identification of channels supported is pulled from the Supported Channels Information Element. Unfortunately the format of this IE has a lot of variations. I've identified all those, from captures I have, but if the output does NOT include supported channels, please reach out to me with the hex data (Wireshark-->View Packet Bytes) from that IE; or send me the randomized association frame. NOTE: I've seem rare cases where "Supported Channels" IE is not present in the Association Request frame.
Sharing is Caring
Consider sharing your results for inclusion in http://clients.mikealbano.com
Name your pcap descriptively (ie iPhone4-US.pcap) and let me know. Email or @mike_albano
The source for this is (and CLI version) is being hosted at https://github.com/mike-albano/frame-randomizer